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coastal rug

Inspired by a watercolor study of the New England coast in the fall. 

Tapestry woven on a 4-harness floor loom



the path rug

To walk down the street to my workshop would be ideal. To return to the time of living and working locally, where the two are separate, yet thoroughly connected. To have a gentle commute and to pass the sights I love each day.

Programmed in PointCarré and woven on the RISD Jacquard loom, which has a 13.5” repeat, because of this size limitation the rug was woven in separate panels and seamed together. 2021 



Original painting

Artwork color separated and split into four panels

Choosing yarns for sampling

Sampling on the loom

Explorations in color and yarn type

All four panels off the loom

Panels cut apart and rearranged

Due to only using five weft yarns, I was left with a limited color palette and chose to hand paint back in with disperse dyes to bring in some of the warms tones seen in the original painting

The panels were then sewn together, and a backing and layer of batting were attached

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